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The Veteran Resource Network, Inc. (VRN) was established in 2003 as a community services organization to support the life transition of individuals and families. Over the years, the mission has taken on a laser focus of supporting the transition of United States Military personnel from active duty, reserve duty, and national guard duty through the transition of civilian service.

As with all programs as they mature, programs within the organization take form and develop a personality and earn a reputation of their own. VRN is no different in this process and as a result there are three very distinct programs that serve our Heroes.

Troops to Truckers

National Troops to Truckers ProgramThe National Troops to Truckers program is leveraging the national long-term shortage of commercial truck drives and other transportation and construction vehicle needs along with the large number of military personnel seeking employment due to the military draw-down and RIF.

Our network of schools, special trucking company relationships, and other resources are putting both the experienced and neophyte driver in career positions in the transportation industry. The VRN Team is proud of our accomplishments over the past couple years and the exponential growth of the program and service to veterans.


Troops to Careers

Troops to CareersWhile the National Troops to Truckers program was building, VRN became aware of a national program for transitional careers. The Troops to Truckers Program became a necessary conduit for connecting active duty and veterans with “career” opportunities and not just a job to “get by.”

Troops to Careers continues to grow and define itself as a voice with and for our officers and enlisted Heroes who are seeking to identify for themselves the next steps in their career development outside of the military sphere.


Bridges Squared

Bridges SquaredOur community social services programs have been struggling with effective youth programs that address the needs of mentoring and other services as a result of foster placement, adjudication, academic challenge, and other issues faced by social and case workers.

VRN stepped p to the plate and gathered veterans who had previous experience in these social services areas, some as clients, some as teachers, and others who were just interested in youth mentoring. Out of that gathering came a plan for the Bridges Squared program.

Bridges Squared is a mentoring program staffed exclusively by military veterans that is an experience of mentoring, accountability, education, guidance and discipline development encounters.


More Information

For more information on these programs and other VRN initiatives, visit the individual websites and email the Director of each program at

VRN is a Virginia Corporation, an IRS approved 501(c)3 community service non-profit organization.